Equipment needed (list*)

Do you have something I need? Are you willing to lend it to me?
Please CONTACT me.
(*updated 2010-12-31)  

BLUE = I have it!
PURPLE = I'm borrowing it!
RED = I need it!

Upper Body:
2 t-shirts (coton)
2 t-shirts (polypro & merino)
2 long sleeve (poly) shirt, pale color
2 sports bras (synthetic)
1 "softshell" : light windbreaker
1 polar (index: 200)
1 breathable waterproof coat (such as Goretex, 2 layers)
1 expedition down jacket or "doudoune" (index 700)
1 medium pair of gloves (goretex)
1 tuque (covers ears)
1 balaklava scardf, polar or "Buff"
1 hat
Sunglasses with 100% UV protection

Lower Body:
1 pair of running shoes
1 pair of sandals
Hiking boots (waterproof) 
4 pairs of light socks
2 + 2 pairs of warm socks
1 + 1 pairs of mountain climbing pants
1 pair of pants (jeans or coton)
1 pair of waterproof pants (such as Goretex)
1 + 1 pairs of long underwear (polyproprylene & merino)
6 changes of underwear (not cotton)

Day pack (40 litres)
Waterproof day pack cover
Flexible and durable luggage, 120 litres (like a hockey bag)
Sleeping bag (-15 Celcius)
Sleeping bag liner
Small bag to keep change of clothes at base of mountain
Small locks for luggage
Walking poles
Compact camping umbrella
freshette urinating tube
Energy Bars & Snacks (2 + 2 per day)

Small first aid kit
2 SPF 20 lib balms
Sunscreen SPF 30+
1 + 1 Nalgene water bottles (large openning)
head flash light (with extra batteries)
Swiss army knife
10 large ziploc type bags
2-3 large heavy-duty garbage bags
2 towels and soap
Ear plugs
4 packs of wipes (5 ")
Jujubes (1 kg max)
Bug spray
Antibacterial gel (2 X 250 ml)
books, cards, ipod...
ipod charger
Camera (rebel XT)
extra batteries and memory card (compactflash)
FLIP (video)
extra FLIP batteries (AA)
Pillow cover