a "HUGE" week!

If you are my “friend” or if you’re following my Summit for Wishes project on FACEBOOK, you’ve seen the following status updates this week…

Yeehaw!!!! Just received $1400 and $500 from Centennial Regional High School - THANK YOU to the students and organizers of the Entrepreneur Fair and Country Fair!!!!! (july 16, 2010)


$6841... so close to 50%... I can taste it! (july 19, 2010)

In 4 days, a total of $3200 was added to my fundraising, bringing the total up to $7076.00. Incredible. Truly and unbelievably incredible.

So where is this money coming from? That’s what I’d like to share with you today…


My husband Brandon is a teacher at CRHS, and when I first decided to sign up for Summit for Wishes, he started asking around school – seeking out opportunities to get students involved and to raise extra funds. The Centennial “Entrepeneur” Fair was coming up – an activity where students form teams, develop a product, present it to a dragon’s den and then try to sell their product to fellow students during the actual fair. Each team picks a charity that will benefit from the proceeds of the fair if they “win” (a team wins based on a mix of sales, business plan and promotion tactics). Brandon spoke with some of the students from his classes and from his basketball team and convinced 3 groups choose “Make-A-Wish”. He definitely picked the right teams because of the top 3 finalists, 2 were groups who had selected Make-A-Wish. AWESOME!

Thank you to Brandon for supporting me and getting the word out – Thank you to the students who chose to give their proceeds to Make-A-Wish – Thank you to the other teachers/fair coordinators. I am so encouraged. I am so thankful.

DIVING TIMING (A percentage of e-book and Divine Timing products)

Ottawa-based author and consultant, Karen Cutts received a jar of my home-made pancake mix for mother’s day and was inspired to donate a portion of her upcoming (now available) e-book proceeds to the project. In her e-book, Divine Timing, Karen shares inspiration and encouragement from the lessons and gifts she has received on her journey of self-growth. She shares from her heart; every story in this e-book is true and based on real life experiences.

By purchasing Divine Timing products, you will also be helping others. A portion (5%) of every sale is being shared with the Make a Wish Foundation and my quest to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to aid children with cancer.


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