Canada Day in BLUE & WHITE...


I was a little concerned when we decided to do "face-painting" during the Greenfield Park Canada Day festivities. Not only was it going to be my first real "face-painting" experience (other then what I've done with Layla at home... for no one to observe or critique!), when I picked up the Make-A-Wish t-shirts from the Montreal office... I was thinking... perfect colors... for St-Jean-Baptiste Day!
Oh well... the show must go on. And it could have been much worse... it could have been red and white shirts on St-Jean-Baptiste-Day. :-)

So on July 1st I found myself at the heart of Canada Day celebrations (for the first time in years) AND I was wearing blue and white instead of the traditional red and white. :-)

What a fun experience though. At the end of the day, my back ached, my bottom was sore from sitting on the picnic table bench for hours... but I was satisfied with (and very thankful for) the constant stream of children coming to have their faces painted, the coins filling the donation jars, the 2 lovely (and very hard working) ladies who gave their time to wear white & blue and paint faces alongside me (for 6+ hours!)...

There was sun, there was rain, there were people giving big donations, people giving quarters and pennies... and best of all... there were gasps and big smiles (the spider man boys gave the BEST reactions!) from the children as we revealed the finished product in Carolyne's purple "princess" mirror.

And we raised $325 for "Summit for Wishes"! Awesome!


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