Beautiful key chains...

In my efforts so far to raise the money for Kilimanjaro, I'm finding that it's fun to do small things where people actually get something tangible for their money. You might not pay $8 for a jar of pancake mix at the grocery store (unless it was certified "home-made") but if it's for a fundraiser, most people are more willing to spend a few extra dollars.
It's the same idea with these beautiful hand-made key chains. I spent several hours with some lovely gals "beading" last week. The result - a variety of unique and really pretty key chains for us to sell to add more funds to my "Kilimanjaro/Make-A-Wish" pot.
We sold the first 15 to 20 over the weekend and we'll be making more... but here's you chance to take a quick look and choose your favorite! First come first serve... so if something catches your eye, don't wait! Send me an e-mail (ok.with.andrea@gmail.com) to order your favorite one!
*Please note the prices are suggestions. These are being sold for donations.


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