$1999.00 (that's 12.5%!)

I suppose I should just add the extra dollar to make the official total $2000, huh?

This project is really incredible. It's taking up a lot of my time and energy, but I don't think I would have it any other way. In the last couple of weeks I've been totally encouraged (again) by the support that I'm getting from all sorts of different places.

Here are some updates:
  • The final "total" raised for my second round of pancakes for wishes is $536.00.  I currently have just under $400 of that, and have a few final deliveries to make this week to make up the difference. Like last time, I decided to just absorb the costs of the mix and jars so that everything people gave for the mix is going directly towards helping me reach my fundraising goals. THANK YOU to everyone who ordered the mix this time. Some people liked it even better than the first mix, and I didn't think that was possible! A special thank you to Leino for ordering 20 small jars and passing them on to his next 20 clients at Esto Image in St-Lambert.
  • A few weeks ago I was blessed with a nice big chunk ($250) when one of my husband's co-workers decided that the proceeds from the end of year barbecue for the Centennial High School "Talented and Gifted" (T.A.G.) students would go to charity - and she picked this project! Thank you so much to Brandon for talking about the project at school, to Amber for her idea and desire to support and to all the kids who were attended the barbecue. Every donation helps and this one certainly made a dent in my efforts to reach my objective.
  • That same week I found out that Brandon's efforts to get people interested (and involved) in this project are extremely valuable. I don't want to mention exactly what it is since the money isn't in the "pot" yet, but when this particular cheque arrives, it's going to make a nice big dent in the total amount raised for the Make-A-Wish foundation.
  • It's not just the big chunks that leave me feeling encouraged. The surprise donation from a girl I went to Cegep with brightened my day yesterday. It was totally unexpected and I am more grateful than you can imagine (Thanks Michele!)
  • This coming weekend I am supposed to be presenting my project to my church (http://montrealchurch.ca/). I will tell them the story of why I am doing this. Those that I've already shared it with have been so supportive already (and I'm not talking money... I'm talking support and encouragement) and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to share it... to share what's on my heart, with more people.
  • I spent a couple hours this evening making unique and beautiful "sun-catcher"/"key chains" that will be sold for donations. They're so pretty... and I've never made jewelry before so it was a fun experience through and through (Thank you Carolyne, Sara and Elena!!!!!). Pictures coming soon...
...and we're making progress towards planning some of the bigger events... right now the focus is on a ladies brunch at the end of the summer... but I have some smaller things in the works too :-) More information to come...

Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for the support. I'm only a couple months in to this "journey" and already I've... been touched... been learning... been living...



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