A productive week

I have no announcements to make today.  No major increases to donations, no details for upcoming fundraisers... I just want to share about my week.

Following the success and encouragement of last weekend (an extra $350 in donations AND having someone offer to help and support my fundraising efforts in a big way) - I've been blown away by the response and the support to this incredible project over few days.

The idea of raising enough money to make a child's biggest wish come true resonates with so many people... and it's starting to really show.

I've been working with Carolyne (my new right hand gal for this project) to identify important contacts so that we not only meet my fundraising goal - but surpass it.  At the beginning of the week we went through the various types of activities and events that I wanted to organize over the next several months... and added some of her ideas...

garage sale - car wash  - BBQ - special brunch for women - bagging groceries at a local store - basketball tournament - family hike (& picnic) - "dinner/dance- crafts and hand-made items that could be sold - some more home-made pancake mix - ETC. ETC. ETC

I have started to talk with more people (mostly leadership) at my church and the response has been above and beyond my admitedly cynical expectations. If I had any doubts before, they are now close to non-existent. This is what I'm supposed to be doing right now. And there's more to come... I just don't know what yet.

In the past week alone, the ideas have been flowing and the progress has been "measurable".
  • A location for both the ladies brunch and more formal dinner/dance event (more details coming for both as soon as the date is confirmed).
  • A "BBQ" at IGA in August (date is also to be confirmed, but August is reserved for Make-A-Wish!).
  • A "bagging" weekend at Canadian Tire if I can find enough people willing to volunteer their time.
  • Ideas and potential "human resources" to make special jewelery and cute scarves and hats to sell.
  • More and more contacts getting excited about the project and asking how they can get involved. (For example, a girl at the Youth Group last night wants to do something at her school at the beginning of the next school year... cool? yes. very.)
  • Support from all 3 pastors at my church - and a booked "presentation" to the congregation on Sunday June 27th.
  • and other details ironing themselves out...
If the bigger events that I'm planning pan out and draw the number of guests I'm hoping for, I will meet and exceed (by far!) my fundraising goals.

Watching everything coming together is incredibly exciting... knowing that there's a child out there who's wish is going to come true because of all this... well that's humbling and amazing.

More to come...


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