Announcing "Soirée for wishes" and another round of pancake mix...

There hasn't been much action on this blog for the last couple weeks... or on facebook... or on twitter... because I`ve been swamped and slightly overwhelmed in other areas of my life. As I pull myself out of the jumbled mix of good and bad, successes and mess ups of the last couple weeks... I feel like I'm coming to a point where I can think clearly again. Even though I'm still undecided about my hiking boots (ugh - who knew I had such weird feet... I always thought they were relatively "nice"!).  Anyways... 

After meeting with the owner of Le Bifthèque Boucherville this morning, I am thrilled to finally announce that tickets are officially on sale for:

 As you can imagine, I'm very excited about this fundraising activity because essentially, I get to throw a big party while raising funds for an incredibly good cause. The tickets ($50) include the cocktail, a 4 course meal (option 1: filet mignon or option 2: fish) an evening of fun and dancing and a dessert buffet sometime around midnight. I'm expecting (and hoping) that tickets will sell very quickly, but I still am offering a little special for those who buy their ticket in the very first few days of sales. Benefit from 10% off if you buy yours before September 30th!

Contact me to reserve/buy your tickets.

And that's not all...

Back by popular demand... I'm taking orders for another round of pancake mix. It's the same drill as before: $5 for 500 ml (20-24 pancakes) and $8 for 1 litre (40-50 pancakes). Send me your order (ok.with.andrea@gmail.com) by Tuesday, October 5th to have your mix in time for the next long weekend!


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