Finally! Time to break them in!

After weeks of trying pair after pair of boots (and learning that I have weird feet that are wide in some spots and narrow in others), and with two pairs left to be returned - I finally chose the ones that I'm going to keep - and took the plunge by wearing them outside for a short hike in St-Bruno this afternoon. One small blister later... I'm pretty happy with my decision.

Let me present you the LOWA VIVIONE. It's not exactly the "look" that I was expecting to end up with (and I don't know why, but I'm not thrilled with the blue), but after trying over 30 pairs of boots, these ones won for several reasons. 1) They're leather-leather which adds dramatically to the way my foot feels "enveloped" when I slide it in to the boot, 2) they're slightly wider in the ball of foot (which is a really big issue for me) and 3) they are lighter and less bulky than most models.

Backcountry.com describes the Vivione Women's Hiking Boot as being designed with a host of women's- specific features for ultimate comfort and support. These include a special last, a slightly more padded cuff and tongue, an Achilles notch, and extra ankle flex.  All of these features apparently make the Vivione ideal for long on-trail hikes carrying a moderate load.

Sounds good to me - and you'd be amazed what a relief it is to have finally DECIDED on the boots. No more shopping, no more wondering... blisters, bring it on! I'm ready to break in these babies.



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