Help me get to Kilimanjaro

My "total" fundraising objective is $16 000. Half of this ($8000) is specifically for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The other half is to...

Help me get to Kilimanjaro!
(For more information on where the funds are going read this)

This is an incredible project, but it's also costly. If by some miracle I raise enough to cover my personal expenses, I pledge to personally donate an additional $2500 to the Make-A-Wish foundation.
RAISED: $5930.00(10-10-2010)
Donate ONLINE (via paypal)
If you are not comfortable donating online, please contact me

Thank you!

What is the $8000 to help me get to Kilimanjaro for?

$ 2000 Airfare to and from Moshi, Tanzania
$ 1080 Access to Kilimanjaro National Park
$ 3720 Tusker trail (trekking company) fee (incl.: guides, meals, lodging first 2 and last night in Moshi,etc.)
$ 1400* Mountain climbing equipment (*I am hoping to borrow most of the required equipment)
$ 320 Vaccinations (Typhoid - $40 ,Hepatitis A and B - $195, DPT (tetanus, etc.) - $0, Yellow Fever - 85$)
$ 75 Tanzania VISA